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W.R.A.P. Education Conference


A conference, providing invaluable insight into restorative approaches in the education sector. Exploring how restorative approaches can impact pedagogy, reduce exclusions, improve attendance and attainment, and support student and staff wellbeing.

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My RA – Making me a better trainer and practitioner


Over the past year I have been asked to deliver training, talking about ‘Adverse Childhood Experiences’ (ACEs), which although a difficult topic has been a privilege.

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My RA - From over the wall to building bridges


So what is a restorative approach? I’m often asked when delivering training or meeting a family for the first time. Often people have heard of restorative justice and will think that restorative approaches are having a meeting to talk about a crime. When I think about my journey, I think about where I came across restorative working for the first time.

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My RA - Learning to find myself


I grew up in a kind and loving household, with supportive parents that tried to give my brother and I everything that we would need, whether material or emotionally. I consider myself blessed. I was given what many people haven’t been, a safe and happy childhood. Given this, you would think that I would know myself reasonably well, be well rounded, emotionally intelligent and driven! However, the reality has not always shown this to be true.

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“My RA” - A new insight into the work of restorative practitioners


As the Service Delivery Manager at Wales Restorative Approaches Partnership (W.R.A.P) and one of its founding members, I’m accustomed to the widespread curiosity about restorative approaches. People want to know what it is, what it means and they want examples of how it can be used or seen.

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Ceredigion Sensitive and Complex Case Practitioners Training


As a practitioner who’s training the next generation of restorative practitioners, I find myself excited at the prospect of passing on my knowledge of working with families and individuals, who often present with sensitive and complex issues.

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