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Reschedulled: Restorative Leadership & Wellbeing Conference


We are planning our next conference - which will be aimed towards restorative leadership, this will be held in the Vale Resort Hotel.

We had originally rescheduled this conference to be on the 24th April, but have rescheduled it to the 20th November 2020.

Keep an eye out for more information over the coming weeks or contact us on 02920 464950

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Restorative Approaches and Accessibility - Vincent Sanderson


Over the past few decades, restorative practice has gained traction across a variety of sectors, not just criminal justice. With increasing desire for organisations to be restorative and offer restorative services, comes an increase in the number of people accessing restorative tools. Traditionally these tools have been created for neurotypical individuals (individuals whose brain functioning is aligned with the prevailing idea of what is considered ‘normal’ functioning). However, with the improving societal awareness and understanding of neurodivergence (individuals whose neurocognitive functioning differs from this ‘norm’.), restorative practice must reflect this.
Vincent Sanderson

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We're Hiring!


Wales Restorative Approaches Partnership invite applications for a Trainer/Practitioner. Our business is growing, and we require a Trainer/Practitioner with strong values aligned to own, who will be a good fit with our team.

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Alastair Jinks - Living Library Talk


Alastair, who has been volunteering with W.R.A.P. for a year now and spoke at our Restorative approaches & Accessibility Conference has written a blog that is similar to what he discussed in our 'living Library' Segment in our conference.

Author: Alastair Jinks

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Neurodiversity Celebration Week and Mental Health Awareness Week


By Ted Shiress
This is one very special week indeed – in fact it is two special weeks rolled into one! It is both Neurodiversity Celebration Week and Mental Health Awareness Week. During this special set of seven days where the sun and moon of good causes collide, or whatever metaphor you wish to use, it is important to remember that although there is similarity and an equal importance to both, the two things are quite different.

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By Ted Shiress and Lorna Baldry
In 2018, Wales Restorative Approaches Partnership (W.R.A.P.) have begun working on a 2-year project to develop and deliver an adapted whole system restorative model. The context for this adaptation and widening of accessibility is improving social and emotional skills and knowledge for pupils, school and other organisation staff and families involved in special education schools and units. The key aim is to improve the future life outcomes for pupils.

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