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We're Hiring - Administrator!


An exciting position has become available for an enthusiastic, resilient, dynamic full-time Administrator to join a small, friendly team based in the centre of Cardiff. The role is diverse, you will need excellent I.T. and customer services skills as you will be the main point of contact between our clients and staff. You will work closely with all members of the team in different aspects of the role. The role is hybrid, with the option of home working available.

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Three simple ways your school can manage conflict better


New year, new start. If you’re like me, having a new start, however arbitrary, gives me the feeling that I can do things better this time. And this is especially true when it comes to managing conflict.

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Rebuilding our boundaries and taking back control of our choices


Boundaries are an important part of daily life to keep us managing the world around us and the interactions that we have with others. If you are usually a “yes” person, do you find that sometimes you don’t have a moment to yourself, that you are always doing things for others and prioritise this over your own needs? Do you find that you can you take on more than you can manage, and important “life” tasks or personal things can be neglected? Or does your list become a list of a list?

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Peer Mediation and Peer Mentoring: What’s the difference?


This blog will outline the difference between peer mentoring and peer mediation in relation to practitioners working with children and young people.

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Restorative approaches, practice, justice, mediation, it’s all the same isn’t it? Perhaps not…


Restorative Approaches
Restorative approaches are a growing social science and apply to many contexts including education, criminal justice, business, leadership, communities… anywhere there is people!

Restorative approaches and restorative practice are one and the same. A restorative approach is an ethos, a culture, a way of being that is informed by a range of skills, tools and techniques to prevent conflict and harm from happening. It is our thoughts, feelings and actions that play into our relationships. A restorative approach focuses on developing empathy, understanding, accountability and empowers individuals to provide their own solutions to repair harm in relationships. It works WITH people, not to or for them.

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How restorative apporaches can work with your family too!


Having worked in finance all of my adult life, mostly in the public sector, I joined W.R.A.P. when it was a relatively new organisation back in November 2015, as the Finance Manager. Having transitioned from working for a large organisation where there was staff available to cater to every need, to working for a very small organization was certainly a culture shock, especially on the days where I wore many hats including Finance Manager, Receptionist, Cleaner! How I missed having an IT department!

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