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“My RA” - A new insight into the work of restorative practitioners


As the Service Delivery Manager at Wales Restorative Approaches Partnership (W.R.A.P) and one of its founding members, I’m accustomed to the widespread curiosity about restorative approaches. People want to know what it is, what it means and they want examples of how it can be used or seen.

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Ceredigion Sensitive and Complex Case Practitioners Training


As a practitioner who’s training the next generation of restorative practitioners, I find myself excited at the prospect of passing on my knowledge of working with families and individuals, who often present with sensitive and complex issues.

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Peer mediation service within schools


Recently, WRAP’s Function Lead for Training, Vince co trained with Pierre, one of WRAP’s associates to deliver peer mediation training to three primary schools in Cardiff.

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The importance of listening


In an age where everyone is fighting to be heard many forget the importance of listening, which is vital for restoring and maintaining relationships.

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My Restorative Journey


Restorative Approaches has changed the way I teach and the way I behave. Restorative Approaches is about building, maintaining and repairing relationships (BMR) with others and yourself. Restorative Justice is the repairing part of the Restorative Approach.

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Education Blog Post


In the first year after WRAP’s inception, Rhondda Cynon Taf (RCT) council commissioned WRAP to create and run the Restorative Approaches in Schools (RAIS) project.

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