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W.R.A.P. Education Conference

Restorative Approaches Conference: Excellence in Education

Wales Restorative Approaches Partnership's work with schools in the past 4 years has yielded incredible results. Schools committed to embedding a restorative approach with our support have seen improvements in attendance, retention, attainment and engagement and reduction in exclusions.

We want to share the amazing stories of these inspirational schools who have overcome huge challenges to reach this point and continue to face challenges ahead.

To do this and create a space for greater understanding of restorative excellence in education we are hosting a conference, providing invaluable insight into restorative approaches in the education sector. Exploring how restorative approaches can impact pedagogy, reduce exclusions, improve attendance and attainment, and support student and staff wellbeing.

We are encouraged by the feedback of delegates at our previous conferences to continue to bring you high quality shared discussion and experiences.

“Well done – excellent conference. You guys know your ‘stuff’, extremely professional, knowledgeable and so warm. Lovely atmosphere to the conference – plus venue was spot on – congratulations on your excellent work.” Delegate, W.R.A.P. Peer Mediation Conference, July 2017.

On Friday 16th November we'll be hosting our restorative approaches to education conference in Cardiff. We want to meet with you to talk about the difference that restorative approaches can make in the education sector and how, together we can add to the incredible work you're already doing. 

The Wales Restorative Approaches Partnership team will be your hosts for the day and you'll have an opportunity to meet colleagues from schools we are already working with, sharing best practice. We'll be working with some of our partners and clients to show you:

  • Best practice in pupil Peer Mediation.
  • The restorative approach to working with ACEs.
  • The effects of working restoratively as a cluster.
  • How schools move from special measures towards excellence.
  • How to safely and effectively implement a whole school restorative approach.
  • How we work with complex and sensitive cases within a school setting.
  • How we can support schools to achieve the Restorative Services Quality Mark (RSQM).

To achieve good working relationships, repair those that are already broken and create a fun, friendly, challenging yet supportive place to work, any organisation needs to think about how it builds, maintains and repairs relationships. 

Restorative approaches provide early intervention and prevention as well as a remedy to put things right when they're already going wrong. Individuals, families, organisations and communities can be positively impacted by using a framework to your thinking and some key skills to work with them. 

Tickets are £95 for a full day or £52 for a half day, per person.

Jury’s Inn, Cardiff. Friday 16th November 2018.  9.00 am – 4.15 pm.