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Restorative Approaches and Accessibility Conference

14th June 2019 | 9:30am – 3:30pm | Thornhill Church Centre, Cardiff

Keynote speakers: Professor Amanda Kirby, Levi Rees, Jo Antoniazzi, Ted Shiress, & Julia Houlston Clark.

A key principle of restorative working is accessibility.  People we meet through restorative interventions may have diverse additional learning needs and difficulties and may have experienced trauma.  Unique unmet and undiagnosed needs may contribute to the presenting behaviours and harm experienced by all involved. School exclusion units, PRU’s, residential care homes, hostels and prisons are disproportionately full of people who are neurodivergent and may also have experienced high levels of adverse childhood experiences.

Our Conference explores best practice and systems adaptations to make restorative working accessible and aware of neurodiversity, alongside a trauma informed approach. Speakers bring lived experience plus professional front line and research perspectives from across sectors, including education, housing and criminal justice.


Topics include:

  • Impact of Care – Levi Rees, Welsh Youth Parliament Member
  • Neurodiversity and Responses - Prof Amanda Kirby
  • Transforming Education to Meet Needs- Jo Antoniazzi
  • Personal Perspective - Ted Shiress
  • RA and Adapting Processes, Adapting Us - WRAP
  • Trauma Informed Practice – Charlotte Waite
  • Schools and PRU’s Experience – Penny Hughes-Jones

Tickets: £95 - includes lunch and refreshments