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Thanks again - really enjoy your style of presentation and thanks for reminding us of the importance of our own wellbeing to ensure we are able to give our best to our jobs.

Cardiff Council

Effective businesses attend to their values and relationships continually to ensure they flourish and are resilient to change and challenge.

Effective businesses need teams with responsive and consistent skills and social and emotional literacy to build, maintain and repair relationships with all business stakeholders.

WRAP offers training, consultancy and practitioner services to businesses in the community, public and private sectors using restorative approaches. We can provide neutral and independent facilitation and training to address:

  • Team building and team conflict resolution needs and techniques
  • Line management including supervision, problem solving and dealing with conflicts and grievances
  • Human resource management including policies and procedures, return to work and disciplinary and grievance 
  • Effective staff and service user consultation and meetings
  • Meeting or event facilitation
  • Values based management
  • Dealing with change and challenge with respectful relationships at the core

Businesses working with us can see:

  • Improved relationships
  • Reduced staff sickness absence
  • improved outcomes/ outputs
  • Better customer service
  • Better employee engagement

All services are bespoke to need, so please contact us to discuss how we may work with you.

A restorative approach is concerned with the whole organisational way of working and ethos.

Restorative approaches facilitate a staged organisational culture change over time, when there is consistency in values, practice and policies.