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Since our training, I can see the positive changes in the conversations the team (and myself) are having with people. I can also see a difference within the team and how we tackle team issues and approach problematic cases.

Caroline Davies, Shine Project Manager, Taff Housing Association

We work with families, communities, business, criminal justice and education sectors.

Restorative Justice in Youth Work

Before working at Wales Restorative Approaches Partnership, Vince worked with Cardiff Youth Offending Service. He was often asked to facilitate restorative justice meetings as part of a young persons Out of Court Disposal.

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Peer Mediation in Schools

Vince recently completed peer mediation training with one of the primary schools that Wales Restorative Approaches Partnership work with.

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Work of the Domestic Abuse Restorative Family Approaches Consortium (DARFA)

The Domestic Abuse Restorative Family Approaches (DARFA) Partnership is a consortium of three multi sector organisations, dedicated to making the lives of families safer.
From March 2015 to March 2016 the consortium delivered the Choices for Change programme with the Integrated Family Support Team within Social Services in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan.
Choices for Change is an evidence based innovative service for whole families experiencing domestic abuse, using responsive restorative approaches and principles as the overarching methodology. The overall aim is to build, maintain and repair relationships within a family, and with their supporters. This, in some cases, may mean helping to facilitate the amicable and safe separation of the parents/ carers, for the wellbeing of all involved. The ultimate aim is to break the cycle of domestic abuse within families, and between generations, and communities.
Choices for Change is proven to offer a measured, evidence-based, safe process bringing together the well documented benefits of restorative approaches, systemic family working, and early intervention.

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Repairing Communities

Wales Restorative Approaches Partnership were asked to facilitate a restorative process regarding a community dispute.

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Restorative Leadership and Management

The most effective and sustainable way to embed a restorative approach is to commit to it in strategy, policy and action. RA isn't something we do it's everything we do. This long term approach between all participants provides real benefits to be enjoyed consistently over time.

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Addressing widespread need - weapon crime.

Sometimes rather than a business or organisation, help will be sought by community or cross organisational groups. Some programmes are so needed they are requested by communities themselves or they have relevance and importance across a range of individuals, groups and organisations.

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