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"We also, the staff at RCT Council Resilient Families have been so lucky to be on training with WRAP with facilitators Nigel and Nicky. They’ve done a stellar job and we can’t wait to complete our Restorative Approaches training over the coming months"

RCT Flying Start

Communities, from the smallest working group to the largest neighbourhood, need to continually, build, maintain and repair their relationships to live alongside each other respectfully.

Restorative approaches offer principles and a range of effective techniques to:

  • Build community cohesion and safety
  • Ensure full and active participation and inclusion in sharing ideas, making decisions, and problem solve together
  • Resolve conflicts and build relationships after harm e.g. anti-social behaviour, neighbour disputes, or relationship break down between service users and agencies.

We can offer a neutral and independent service, bespoke to need, to train, mentor or deliver restorative approaches to staff and/or service users. 

Please contact WRAP to arrange a meeting to discuss how we can help meet your specific needs.

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Restorative approaches are an effective and sustainable approach to community resilience and relationships.

Problems in school or work environments can be inextricably linked to issues within families and communities.