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I have just been involved in three day training with Vince and would firstly like to say that I found it to be some of the most enlightening and inspiring training that I have had in my 17 years as a teacher to date.

A South Wales Teacher

The quality of our relationships in our learning and teaching communities can really affect our ability to access education, and achieve our full potential.

This is true for learners and staff, and their families and wider communities. When relationships are good, we are more able to thrive and participate fully. 

Evidence in our own work with partners, across the UK and internationally repeatedly shows that a whole restorative approach embedded in an organisation can:

  • Build positive relationships and sense of community with learners, staff, families and agencies
  • Reduce conflicts using a consistent approach by all
  • Reduce exclusions
  • Improve attendance and attainment
  • Problem solve quickly and effectively with all partners

WRAP staff have been working in education and training using restorative approaches for 15 years. Our partners range from nursery to college, and interventions in adult and youth justice. Our lead trainers are qualified and experienced teachers from primary, secondary, and tertiary contexts, and associates include education senior leaders and school counsellors, school governors, and Estyn wellbeing inspectors.

We always work closely with our education partners to ensure our training and strategic support and coaching align to school plans and priorities, so our provision is always bespoke to need. We build in sustainability, and wherever possible train and mentor key staff to become future trainers over time once they have sufficient practice experience.

See case study

Learners of all ages will pick up new skills they can use in the home as well as at school.

We work closely with all our education partners, including teachers and learners.