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I felt down most of the time and there was a lot going on. I am now feeling a lot happier and my problems are being/ have been solved. The service has improved us talking as a family a lot and it is much easier to communicate.

14 year old participant in DARFA services

Families rely on their relationships to be happy, healthy, and resilient. When relationships are good, home is a place we can be our best.

Conflict is a normal part of all family life, and is part of human relationships. However, without appropriate skills and values, unresolved conflict can pull relationships apart in families to different degrees, and can make home life stressful. Problems at home can affect relationships with school, work or other agencies. For some families, the way harm is dealt with can be abusive and seriously harmful, for instance where there is domestic abuse between any member of the family or many.

A restorative approach can help address issues respectfully and safely, ensuring all those affected can have their voice heard, and be drivers of the best solutions to their own problems. We believe families are the experts of their own family. WRAP offer families simple restorative tools they can continue to use to communicate better and problem solve effectively themselves.

The WRAP team includes staff who have extensive experience of working with families and relationships, using restorative approaches, restorative parenting techniques, non- violent communication methods, and therapeutic interventions.

WRAP is also part of a consortium that offers a programme for families living with domestic abuse called Choices for Change. All family work is bespoke to need, so please contact WRAP to discuss further.

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Families can thrive when learning and using restorative skills.

We work co-operatively and restoratively with families to find and use their strengths.