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A highly interactive and informative session which was both thought provoking and clearly communicated.

Conference organiser

Restorative Wales Conferences

First and next conferences

We launched Wales Restorative Approaches Partnership in November 2014 with a conference. This conference was held in partnership with the South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner who was instrumental in the start up of our social enterprise and co-operative community interest company. 

We invited those who were interested in restorative approaches and those who we knew RA could help but they perhaps weren't aware how as yet. 

We provided key note speakers including our own Chief Executive, the Police and Crime Commissioner, a volunteer who had suffered harm because of crime and a volunteer who had caused harm. Both spoke inspirationally on their experience of restorative approaches. We also had a representative of the Ministry of Justice. All the key note speakers joined us for a question panel at the end of the conference. 

Workshops were led by colleagues who facilitate all kinds of positive change via a restorative approach, including children from a restorative primary school and the DARFA consortium as well as many others. 

Our forthcoming peer mediation conference promises to be just as enlightening. We are looking forward to being guided through a wonderful day by some very inspirational children and young people who have been part of our peer mediation programme. 

We are always happy to be invited to attend conferences related to restorative approaches, criminal justice, education, families, communities, business, wellbeing or leadership and management. We can bring a stand to showcase our materials, services and personnel and we can bring an informative, participative workshop or a keynote speaker with great impact and relevance. 

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