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The facilitator and volunteer were very knowledgeable and approachable creating a safe learning environment.

Women’s Pathfinder

We design, initiate and run or support projects.

Restorative approaches have something impactful to offer wherever there are people and groups who need to work well together. Wales Restorative Approaches Partnership has worked successfully with several organisations whose work is varied or specific, to respond to either relationship building needs, or an activity e.g. including a restorative processes within core human resources practices, both to build healthy working relationships and as a pre formal grievance technique.

Please do get in touch if you feel you would like to become more restorative, and we would be delighted to discuss possibilities to meet your specific needs.

The restorative Wales team stay connected to research, development and evaluation across the world to bring best practice to Wales and the UK. We work with staff, associates and volunteers who are sector experts and our senior leadership team includes a qualified project manager.

We are always identifying needs, or listening to those in our communities who do, then working with others, in collaboration rather than competition to find and implement solutions. 

When a need is identified we give pro bono time and expertise to forming a project proposal, building best practice partnerships and seeking funding. 

A restorative approach to projects can recognise the differences in approach between projects and programmes. It can make the essential distinction between physical product outputs and the less tangible, but more critical relationships, resilience and empowerment.

The approach can make self-management of projects and programmes more accessible to individuals, families and communities.  

Our blogs, case studies and social media will keep you updated on our current and planned projects and how you can become involved. 

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We can manage your projects with you, or provide training for you to manage your own projects restoratively.


Wales Restorative Approaches Partnership work collaboratively rather than competitively.