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I have been very impressed with the commitment and high quality of professionalism and care shown by Wales Restorative Approaches Partnership.

Susan Cowan, Deputy Head, Eastern High School

Training & Development

We are the first restorative services agency in Wales to achieve the Restorative Justice Council’s (RJC) Restorative Services Quality Mark, we also hold the national Training Provider Quality Mark.  Our team includes RJC approved trainers and accredited practitioners, with local restorative expertise from earliest intervention with families and schools, to working with the highest end harm and risk in prisons.

Our training and coaching model ensures the ethos and skills are embedded successfully and sustainably, enabling positive cultural change to take place over time, aligned to your strategic priorities are driving force for positive change.

Restorative approaches can improve:

  • Relationship building, maintaining, and repairing
  • Meeting and communicating needs
  • Engagement, consultation, and participation
  • Service user driven decision making
  • Solutions focussed problem solving
  • Conflict resolution – professional or personal
  • Addressing challenging behaviour
  • Effective team meetings
  • Transformation in workplace ethos and environment
  • Reduction of offending and re-offending
  • Victim engagement and satisfaction
  • Safety and harmony in families, groups and communities
  • Values driven partnership working


All of our services are bespoke to your needs.  Please contact us for further information.  Below is a sample of some of the services we provide. 

All courses below are currently offered online.  We can use multi-portals for this training including zoom & Microsoft Teams.  



Wellbeing & Supervision Sessions – group and individual
Online facilitated wellbeing & supervision sessions, suitable for groups or individuals.

1 x 3 hour session

Day 1 & 2 Restorative Approaches Training
An introduction to Restorative Approaches & Restorative conversations and core listening skills. Day 1 & 2 are two separate courses but are often delivered immediately after one and other. .

4 x 3 hour sessions

Enabling improved attendance with children and families
Enabling improved attendance with children and families using restorative approaches

2 X 2.5 Hour sessions

Webinar: Developing a recovery model
Best practice webinar from Professor Amanda Kirby & Julia Houlston Clark on developing a recovery model - a restorative, trauma informed and inclusive approach.

2.5 hours session

Webinar: Restorative approaches and neurodiversity
Best Practice webinar from Professor Amanda Kirby & Julia Houlston Clark on restorative approaches and neurodiversity – adapting for additional learning needs.

2.5 hour session

Restorative approaches with families for schools-based staff
This course will provide an understanding of restorative principles and key best practice skills when working with families in an educational context.

6 x 3 hours sessions

Restorative leadership and wellbeing

To provide senior leaders with self and team care time.

2 x 3 hours sessions

Restorative approaches as early intervention for staff HR issues
To explore the use of restorative values and practices to prevent, mediate and repair staff relationships and issues.

2 x 3 hour sessions

Developing a whole school peer mentoring service
Whole school peer mentoring service and support programme with children aged 8-11 and 11-18.

6 x 2.5 hour sessions

Peer mediation training for pupils
Peer mediation training for pupils and the school service leader per school KS1 and KS2

6 x 2.5 hours sessions

Restorative circles and approaches
Using restorative circles and approaches for problem solving with children and adults

2 x 2.5 hours

Please note:

Training towards conferencing skills requires all participants to attend the prior modules to comply with the Restorative Justice Council standards.

The above table is a snapshot of our core training. We offer many more subject and sector specific training and development courses. Please see our offer document in the resources section of this website and note the content of our events page. We always bespoke our training to our client’s particular needs.


Restorative approaches training is concerned with sharing skills and a framework to build, maintain and repair relationships.


Our quality assured training holds the Restorative Justice Council Training Provider Quality Mark and is always designed to be bespoke to the needs of our client.