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I have been very impressed with the commitment and high quality of professionalism and care shown by Wales Restorative Approaches Partnership.

Susan Cowan, Deputy Head, Eastern High School

Training & Development

Wales Restorative Approaches Partnership's training has been awarded the Restorative Justice Council's Training Provider Quality Mark and the Restorative Services Quality Mark.

Our training has been nominated and shortlisted for many awards. Every training session we facilitate results in further training requests, because our clients enjoy the experience so much and find the impact of their new knowledge and skills can be life changing. 

We provide restorative approaches training of up to five days, as well as shorter tasters and continuing professional development courses. Some basic information on the content of our core training is listed in the table below. Our short courses will be listed on our events page. You can find further information on our resources page in our 'Restorative Wales' offer document. 

Please note that in order to be a restorative practitioner or trainer there are specific, stringent requirements about the amount of training and practice you must undertake. There are also requirements to complete this training and practice over a minimum period of time. All our training is best practice and follows Restorative Justice Council requirements guidelines. 

We have designed sector specific training programmes such as the Restorative Approaches in Schools (RAIS) programme, which comes with a three year road map. If you would like to know more about any of our training and development programmes please contact us. We are delighted to offer a free, no obligation first meeting to discuss how we can work together to meet your needs. 



Wellbeing through Restorative Approaches
This taster session will share some theories and practical skills for ensuring holistic wellbeing using a restorative approach.

3 hours

Restorative Awareness and Circle Practice
This Agored Cymru qualification unit raises awareness of restorative approaches, circle practices and how you can apply them in your work and life.

1 day

Restorative Conversations and Meetings
This Agored Cymru qualification unit is for those who have completed the Restorative Awareness and Circle Practice training, and wish to communicate restoratively and to facilitate less formal restorative communication with others.

2 days

Restorative Approaches Taster
A short introduction to restorative approaches and the benefits of restorative training and practice.

3 hours

Restorative Management
This two day course helps managers to understand restorative strategy and people management.

2 days

Restorative Supervision
This short course is for those who have already completed restorative approaches training and wish to further support their colleagues. It would particularly suit schools, social services and front line support staff.

1 day

Effective Consultation
This one day course will outline the key principles and methods to ensure every voice is heard in effective consultation and co-production.

1 day

Managing a New Team
This 1 day course is for anyone wanting to build a restorative team as they take over a new management role.

1 - 2 days bespoke to need.

Reducing Conflict In the Workplace
Conflict is a natural part of human interaction but we need to understand it when it arises and to know how to deal with it to protect well-being, reputation and collaboration.

Half a day

Circles For Teaching and Learning
Information and demonstrations on using circles in a variety of ways during teaching and learning and everything that goes with it. Whether you already learned about restorative approaches or you're a newcomer there are some fun and practical tips here.

Half a day

Please note:

Training towards conferencing skills requires all participants to attend the prior modules to comply with the Restorative Justice Council standards.

The above table is a snapshot of our core training. We offer many more subject and sector specific training and development courses. Please see our offer document in the resources section of this website and note the content of our events page. We always bespoke our training to our client’s particular needs.


Restorative approaches training is concerned with sharing skills and a framework to build, maintain and repair relationships.


Our quality assured training holds the Restorative Justice Council Training Provider Quality Mark and is always designed to be bespoke to the needs of our client.