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A very thought-provoking experience. It gave me the opportunity to reflect on relationships and suggest the tools I could use to develop and maintain positive relationships.

Kings Monkton School training participant

Managing a New Team

This 1 day course is for anyone wanting to build a restorative team as they take over a new management role.

It can be a challenge to take on a management role for the first time or even as an experienced manager to begin leading a new team. Building good relationships from the beginning, maintaining them over time and repairing them when necessary can ensure productivity and a pleasant working environment. 

Mergers, whether or teams or whole organisations, can be stressful due to uncertainty and the impacts of the change process. 

A restorative approach can help the change process to be a positive one. 


What does this course cover?

  • Team building.
  • Listening skills.
  • Restorative management.
  • Restorative change management.
  • Behaviour and relationships.
  • Needs.


You could join this training as a member of a group of managers learning together and sharing good practice. Alternatively you could ask us to come and work with you and the new team you have recently begun to lead or are about to. This can be a great team building/ bonding experience. 

Where and when

We can arrange with you to run this course at your place of business or in a community setting to meet your needs. This unit of study takes  1 -2 full days to complete, this time can be spread over a number of weeks if you have a group wishing to study in this way.