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I have been very impressed with the commitment and high quality of professionalism and care shown by Wales Restorative Approaches Partnership.

Susan Cowan, Deputy Head, Eastern High School

Peer mediation training for pupils

Peer mediation training for pupils and the school service leader per school KS1 and KS2

To train key adults and future young mediators in the management and operation of a sustainable whole school restorative peer mediation programme to national Restorative Justice Council standards with a full programme and manualised resources.



Participants gain knowledge and practice skills in

  • Managing set up and operational overview of a sustainable peer mediation programme
  • Issues to consider for in establishing a safe best practice service ·       Recruitment and training of mediators following an approved programme
  • Ensuring safe supervision and safeguarding, and best practice secure systems to support the mediators
  • Monitoring and measuring impact



The training includes live facilitation by our Trainers and include:

  • use of PowerPoint and visual practical resources uploaded
  • whole group and break out room work and discussion, self and peer reflection activities.
  • The end of each session includes open Q & A for specific contexts and opportunities for one to one queries.
  • We try to accommodate all learning styles, personalities and abilities, with regular breaks and reflection time.
  • We combine diverse activities to ensure input content is manageable and can be processed well.
  • Our online training is highly participative and fun and can include stepped IT coaching where needed and appropriate in how to use the fully use the interactive tools within each IT platform. 
  • We assess learning is embedded during the session by using key questions for individuals, small and large group discussion, with written and spoken feedback. 

We are sensitive to the range of IT confidence levels in a group and include a 15 minute early check in to coach and troubleshoot.  Learners become more digitally confident during the course to enable active engagement online in the future.


Sessions are 6 x 2.5 hour with an additional 1 day support for before & after training.

Please contact us for course prices


Where and when

On demand via Zoom or Microsoft Teams