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Great job by all involved - I really enjoyed the session and found it useful, interesting and engaging

Delegate feedback from previous webinar

Webinar: Restorative approaches and neurodiversity

Best Practice webinar from Professor Amanda Kirby & Julia Houlston Clark on restorative approaches and neurodiversity – adapting for additional learning needs.

This webinar will provide an integrated model and evidence based inclusive practices to ensure al voice are heard and active participants in the decisions that affect them.



Participants will hear from Professor Amanda Kirby and Julia Houlston Clark, Chief Executive of Wales Restorative Approaches about:    

  • What neurodiversity and restorative approaches can offer together
  • Ensuring an inclusive strengths-based model to embrace neurodiversity and the most vulnerable
  • How a restorative approach can identify needs and build on strengths to develop solutions together and nurture resilience
  • How to engage all adults and children to help problem solve using restorative approaches and values
  • Answers to questions from participants



Best Practice webinar from Professor Amanda Kirby & Julia Houlston Clark including: 

  • Best practice PowerPoint slides
  • live speaker input and modelling and walking through best practice
  • self reflection activities including polls, questionnaires, and online whiteboard scribing
  • question and answer session
  • uploaded practical resources with reading references and signposting for future learning.

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Where and when

Scheduled events via Zoom or GoToWebinar