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Really interesting course that engaged me and made me think. I normally come away from courses frustrated and think 'what a waste of my time' this time however I could see exactly how and why it was applicable.

Training participant from South Wales Fire Service

Restorative Awareness and Circle Practice

This Agored Cymru qualification unit raises awareness of restorative approaches, circle practices and how you can apply them in your work and life.

A restorative approach is an ethos and value base for working with people, rather than to, or for them.  The aim is building, maintaining and repairing relationships.  To be restorative means believing that decisions are best made and conflicts best resolved by those most directly affected by them.  The skills include more formal restorative justice techniques such as conferencing, but extend to simple practices in engagement, early intervention, prevention and response. 

Evidence shows consistently that restorative approaches can be successfully applied to address a wide range of strategic priorities and needs in key areas including criminal justice, education, communities, children’s services and social care.


What does this course cover?

  • Purpose, values and principles of restorative approaches
  • Themes, theories and values that inform restorative approaches
  • Using key restorative techniques and practices
  • How to use restorative circles in your own role
  • How RA can be applied in your working environment


Learning with W.R.A.P. is experiential, there is lots of activity and the trainer will facilitate knowledge and practice share among those who attend training.

You will need to come prepared to engage and participate so that everyone can share the best learning experience.

This unit can be paired with a follow-on unit - restorative conversations and meetings to lead to an Agored Cyrmu Award in Restorative Approaches. This qualification is only available from Wales Restorative Approaches Partnership.

If you have completed our day 1 and 2 training the in the past 4 years you may be eligible for our refresher programme to fast track your qualification. 

Where and when

We can arrange with you to run this course at your place of business or in a community setting to meet your needs. This unit of study takes 1 full day to complete, this time can be spread over a number of weeks if you have a group wishing to study in this way.