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Made me consider the trauma on the leadership team and how we are now making decisions in isolation and often quickly

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Restorative leadership and wellbeing

To provide senior leaders with self and team care time.

The sessions will explore together and model evidence based wellbeing practices and effective leadership models to support and sustain wellbeing and resilience.



Participants gain knowledge and practice skills in

  • Reflective practice and practical wellbeing and resilience tools for prioritising self-care for themselves  and with teams
  • Identifying and working to core values and beliefs to meet our needs
  • Embedding healthy compassionate relationships culture to prevent harms and build, maintain and repair wellbeing
  • Modelling the behaviours we want in others
  • Recognising and responding to stress, burnout, compassion fatigue and secondary trauma
  • Developing wellbeing strategies and policies and personal wellbeing plans with all adults and children



The training includes live facilitation by our Chief Executive Officer Julia Houlston Clark and will include the use of PowerPoint and visual practical resources and exemplars uploaded and worked through;

  • whole group and break out room work and discussion, self and peer reflection activities.
  • The end of each session includes open Q & A for specific contexts and opportunities for one to one queries.
  • We try to accommodate all learning styles, personalities and abilities, with regular breaks and reflection time.
  • We combine diverse activities to ensure input content is manageable and can be processed well.
  • Our online training is highly participative and fun and can include stepped IT coaching where needed and appropriate in how to use the fully use the interactive tools within each IT platform. 
  • We assess learning is embedded during the session by using key questions for individuals, small and large group discussion, with written and spoken feedback. 

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Where and when

Online using our Zoom professional platform or Microsoft Teams.