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Very good trainer. Able to be organic as dynamic in room changed. Able to reach all involved.

Practice training participant.

Restorative Supervision

This short course is for those who have already completed restorative approaches training and wish to further support their colleagues. It would particularly suit schools, social services and front line support staff.

This training is suitable for anyone who will be a check in point, sounding board and support for colleagues who will engage in restorative practice. 

We will guide you through restorative supervision techniques, modelling them for you and explain how you can keep everyone safe and well and ensure best practice. 


What does this course cover?

  • Self supervision.
  • Peer supervision.
  • Team supervision. 


We learn the most about ourselves and our practice by reflecting and sharing. Wales Restorative Approaches Partnership support the wellbeing of our practitioners through peer and team supervision. We encourage and practice self care and we work with our training and practice clients to help them do the same. 

Where and when

We can arrange with you to run this course at your place of business or in a community setting to meet your needs. This unit of study takes a full day to complete, this time can be spread over a number of weeks if you have a group wishing to study in this way.