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The wellbeing service has helped me find a peace and inner strength i never thought i possessed. I realise now that I was not alone, merely imprisoned by my own anxiety

A teacher participating in our schools wellbeing programme.

Wellbeing & Supervision Sessions – group and individual

Online facilitated wellbeing & supervision sessions, suitable for groups or individuals.

To provide safe and neutral professionally facilitated time with best practice resources for individuals and/or teams by trained and experienced restorative managers and counsellors.


The session is bespoke to needs after consultation with the individual and/ or their team. The sessions will provide

  • Safe confidential spaces for reflection on our wellbeing needs and strengths
  • Coaching in best practices for self and other care using restorative and counselling skills
  • Practical wellbeing and resilience resources
  • Coaching to begin creating wellbeing and resilience outcome agreements and action plans 
  • Signposting to specialist services including counselling, as appropriate



Each session is bespoke to need and includes best practice materials and resources for reflective practice and future self directed work.  This includes:

  • PowerPoint slides;
  • speaker input and modelling
  • walking through best practice
  • group interaction
  • self reflection activities including polls, questionnaires, and online whiteboard scribing
  • question and answer sessions
  • uploaded practical resources with reading references
  •  signposting for future learning.
  • Wellbeing support local and national resources are shared.


As this session needs a safe confidential space, the bespoke content and preferred style is agreed prior to the session.  We use multi modal approaches to accommodate different learning preferences and ensuring accessibility during sessions.   This includes live trainer facilitation and coaching support, uploaded reading materials and  videos, self and peer reflection tasks, individual and and whole group work.


Where and when

On demand via Zoom professional platform or Microsoft Teams.