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I trusted them, and they listened.

Service Participant

About Restorative Approaches

The restorative approach is an ethos and value base for working with people, rather than to or for them. It encourages a consistent mind-set and value base which is embedded successfully and sustainably, enabling cultural change to take place.

The aim is to build, maintain and repair relationships. To be restorative means believing that decisions are best made and conflicts best resolved by those most directly affected by them. When working restoratively we work with people rather than to or for them. Restorative practices embrace early intervention, prevention and response and include a focus on accountability and responsibility, openness, mutual respect and inclusion.

Our vision and values

Our vision is everyone living restoratively and our mission inspiring change together, with restorative approaches.

Our Values influence our business behaviours and include:

  • embracing restorative approaches in our day to day operations
  • taking ownership of issues, developing real, bespoke solutions
  • putting the individual at the heart of the solution
  • working collaboratively with other relevant agencies and organisations whenever possible
  • modelling restorative approaches in every day working, internally and with partners and stakeholders.

Wales Restorative Approaches Partnership adheres to restorative and co-operative principles and operates according to the Restorative Justice Council quality standards.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel a training course we will require payment in respect of course preparation and resources produced.  Late cancellation will make it difficult to find alternative training opportunities for our team members and we will need to share responsibility with you to mitigate this loss.   If you cancel at any time after signing  the Service Level Agreement, the following amount will be payable:


Amount payable

Following signing of the SLA

10% of the total balance

Within 30 days of the agreed delivery date


Within 14 days of the agreed delivery date


Would you like to join us?

To find out more about working with WRAP, please get in touch.


There are many ways for individuals and organisations to be part of Wales Restorative Approaches Partnership or to work with us.


Wales Restorative Approaches Partnership is a Living Wage Employer